Victorian Sofa Reupholstered


The victorian sofa reupholstery project before any work was doneA client came into our showroom and requested that her sofa be reupholstered. The fabric had become worn, threadbare, discolored, and out of date. The client selected a new grey leather from our Bellevue furniture repair shop and upholstery showroom. She also wanted to add some design details to add interest to the piece and give it an updated look. She choose a silver nail head to go around the edges and button tufting for the back of the sofa. For the seat, she wanted to have two cushions on top of the seat base to raise the seat up and make it more comfortable. We let the client know that we looked forward to doing the sofa reupholstery for her classic Victorian piece.

The reupholstering and refinishing was scheduled to begin.Our furniture repair process for this sofa

The client returned a day later to bring in the sofa. The piece was then brought to our production facility to begin stripping down the sofa to its bare frame. Once we stripped the sofa down we were happy to see that the frame that was revealed was a beautiful, well-built Victorian frame. There were norepairs that had to be made to the frame as it was in a wonderful condition. We started hand stripping the frame, then we added the stain to match the original color of the sofa. The following day we added the finish that would provide a durable and beautiful shine to the piece, then we started working on the seat cushions.

We finished a sofa repair for a happy client - Queen Anne Upholstery

We added new foam and padding to the frame that the customer had requested, then the piece was finally upholstered with the leather, button tufting, and the nail head trim. We put the seating cushions on the Victorian sofa and it looked beautiful. We hoped that the customer would agree too. We called the customer to let her know that the antique furniture restoration was complete and ready to pick up. She arrived a day later. When she arrived and saw her new sofa, she couldn’t get over the transformation. The completed work turned out beautiful and the client was very pleased with the work done on her sofa. The client said it turned out just like she had wanted it to, and was very happy that she brought her piece to us. We met and exceeded all of her expectations with the Victorian sofa reupholstery.

Preserving the Character of a Chair

A customer came to Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing hoping to preserve their chair as much as possible. The customer came to our furniture repair shop and explained that the chair had been in her family for several decades and it was left to her when her mother passed away. We let the customer know that we would preserve the chair and bring it back to originality as much as we could. The customer reluctantly left the chair and we reassured her that the chair would be safe in our care.

Chair Refinishing Project Begins

This Bellevue chair refinishing piece made the customer really happy - Queen AnneWe removed the fabric and the seating cushions from the chair, then we started repairing the springs in the seating area, then we added new foam to the seating area so sitting in it would be comfortable. The next step was gently hand sanding the legs and wood on the chair. This sanding is all done by hand. Then we applied the stain that would match the original color. We let the chair sit overnight, so it would be completely dry before we applied the finish to the chair. The following morning we added the finish to the chair. The wood finish was restored to its original state.

The seat was updated to a distressed leather with button tufting details. The back seat of the chair kept the same fabric as before, and the leather and original fabric came together and looked wonderful together. We were able to have the chair refinishing and furniture repairs done a day before we told the customer that the chair would be finished. We called her to let her know she could pick up her chair and she said she would come over immediately to look it over.

The customer arrived and was thrilled with the way her chair looked. She couldn’t get over how beautiful it looked and the original fabric that was left on the back of the seat really pleased her. This fabric reminded her of the long life of the chair and all the memories in her family that it held. The customer said the chair looked even better than she could have imagined. She thanked us for doing an amazing job.

Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing restores and preserves your treasured pieces. Call or email us for a quote regarding your next antique furniture restoration. We can bring life back to your prized antiques and heirloom furniture pieces.

Looking for Ballard Refinishers?

If you are searching for Ballard Refinishers or Furniture Spa of Seattle, look no further! Queen Anne Upholstery merged with both of these companies and is able to provide all of their services and more.

Desk with Water Damage is Brought Back to Life

An elderly couple contacted our Seattle furniture refinishing department to inquire about our ability to restore an executive walnut size desk that had sustained considerable water damage. The desk was custom made and had untold sentimental value to the family. The desk was located in the basement area that had been converted to a home office suite. The office suite was built around the desk, so the desk was too large to be removed from the small doorway that had been added since the desk was originally placed there.

The antique furniture restoration at our facility

Our desk and table refinishing department supervisor Tom made a house visit to assess the situation and explained to our clients that we would cut the legs of the desk and make them removable with a custom dowel board through the center, then attach the legs back after the installation was completed at our location. This was great news to our customers, because they realized this method would help them move the desk if they decided to relocate to another home. Our refinishing team prepared to remove the desk from the basement.
We had to do a lot of work to get this furniture refinishing project to our seattle showroom

The antique furniture restoration begins.

The desk was brought in and the original finish from the desk was stripped off completely by hand with our flow-over strip system (we do not dip furniture). The original hardware was removed from each drawer, then all of the surfaces were then prepped, sanded, and some veneer surfaces were replaces as needed prior to the staining and finishing process. We applied the finish to the piece after we carefully matched the color precisely. We let the piece cure for forty eight hours.

The desk was then blanket wrapped carefully and Tom and the team delivered it to the client. Once the refinished desk was placed back into the room in the basement, Tom reattached the legs and placed it in the appropriate space for the client. Needless to say, she was beyond happy with the whole entire process. The furniture restoration had their treasured desk fully refreshed inside and out to its former glory. The couple couldn’t get over how beautiful the desk had turned out. The couple said it actually looked better than it did when they first purchased the desk many, many years ago. They continued to thank Tom and the team for providing the best service for their beloved desk. We were just happy that we were able to bring back the beauty that this piece had once had for the couple.

desk refinishing before image - 1desk refinishing before image - 2

furniture refinishing project before any work has been done

A client called and asked us if we could perform front door refinishing in Seattle for them. The client told us that there was sun damage located from the bottom of the door handle and down at an angle along with the same sun damage on the right side of the front door. We let the client know that we could come take a look at the front door, so we could see the sun damages in person and provide them with an accurate estimate.

The team arrived at the residence and inspected the door that needed the furniture refinishing. We let the client know that it is very common for entry doors to receive a lot of damage from the elements, but we could have the door refinishing done at an affordable price and quickly, too. The client agreed and returned the following morning to start the project.Door removed before the furniture refinishing is complete

Tenting off the area to complete the refinishing projectThe door refinishing process was about to begin.

We arrived promptly on time and removed the hinge pins, so we could remove the door. We safely removed the door, then we laid the door on sawhorses. We secured the opening, so nothing could get into the client’s home. We also set up a tenting area, so we could safely work on the door and to keep the elements ou
t. We did this so that we could add the spray finish as well.  We removed the hardware from the door, then we masked the area. Our team then sanded down the door, then we applied the first coat of polyurethane. After that the first coat dried we added a second coat. We installed a new brass plate and the other necessary hardware when the second coat had dried, then our team hung the door.

We worked non-stop until we had the door refinishing done for our client. When we had the door back up, the client took a look and was very happy with the way the furniture refinishing project turned out. The client told us that the door looked brand new again. The client also said that we had done an excellent job, and so quickly while being right on budget. We were able to save the door and save the client’s money with our door refinishing services. We let them know that they should give us a call if they needed any other doors or furniture restored.


Seattle Door Refinishing Completed - QA

A Chair and Sofa Repair Project Turns Out Beautifully

An unfinished sofa repair project in Seattle

The finished sofa repair before shipping

A lady from Sammamish, Washington was wanting to update the original fabric of a tufted sofa and chair to a high quality leather from the Kravet “Portfolio Collection.” She contacted Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing as one of her closest friends had used our services in the past and had nothing but good things to say about how we upholstered her sofa. She wanted us to come to her home to pick up the sofa and chair and to give her an estimate. We arrived at her home and she showed us the leather that she wanted from the Kravet “Portfolio Collection,” and we gave her an estimate along with a date that we would complete the sofa reupholstery in Seattle at our facility.

The Sofa Upholstery Project Began

Work in progress Chair refinishing in seattle - Queen anne


When we got the pieces back to our shop we started by taking the current fabric off, so we could get it ready for the upholstering. We also removed the skirt on both pieces to give the pieces a more updated look. The frame on the couch needed to be re-glued, which the chair refinishing section of our shop did. They also did a touch up on the wood finish to give the pieces a fully refreshed look. We also retied the seat springs, and we replaced all the foam padding with “ultra-cell” foam and poly wrap. Once these things were completed, we added the new high quality leather that the customer requested. Our team worked each and every day on the sofa and chair until we were able to have the upholstery and refinishing work completed.

We called the customer to let her know that we were finished, and to schedule a day and time to deliver her pieces. The customer was so anxious to have the pieces back in her home she wanted us to deliver them the following afternoon, which we did. When we first brought the sofa in the customer was in awe, then we brought the chair in and she showed us where she wanted them placed. She was really amazed at the difference. The result was a very happy client and a beautifully restored custom sofa and chair set that she could be proud of. She thanked us for doing an amazing job with the sofa upholstery for her and she was overjoyed with the end result – a tasteful and luxurious new sofa and chair set!


Finished Seattle Reupholstery project for a nice lady - Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing

University Faculty Thanks us for Good Work

This piece came to our seattle furniture repair shop - Queen Anne Upholstery

Several weeks ago, we were contacted by the University of Washington Denny Hall Germanics department. They had an original 1940’s wood bookcase with glass doors that they wanted to be restored. The staff member explained that this unique and original bookcase was very important to the university, and wanted to know if we could come out and take a look at it and give them an estimate for the Seattle furniture refinishing. A few of our professional team members went to meet with the department and give them an estimate. The bookcase was truly beautiful, but it needed to have life put back into it, so we could get in back in like new condition. We gave them an estimate, which they were pleased with and we took the bookcase to our shop.

The furniture repair and restoration was underway.

We were able to do a quick turnaround on this furniture repair in seattle - QAThe bookcase had to first be stripped down to the bare wood, so the antique furniture restoration process could begin. We wanted to bring the original color tone back to the piece, then we applied a heavy duty urethane Satin finish, which would remove all of the deep scratches that was on the piece along with the pen and black marks that were visible. Our furniture repair shop services were exactly what the bookcase needed. Once this step was completed, we repaired and filled any loose and damaged joints, then we replaced glides and the glides were very similar to the original ones that were on the piece. The glass on the bookcase had to be replaced, so we removed the glass and measured to have new glass installed in the piece. We also replaced all the hardware, then repaired the locks on the piece. This antique furniture restoration was very similar to doing a delicate chair refinishing, but with a lot more surface area to pay attention to.

When we were finished with the antique furniture refinishing the bookcase looked beautiful. We couldn’t wait to take it back to the university, so they could see how it turned out. The crew carefully drove the bookcase back and gently put it back in Denny Hall. When the staff came to take a look at the bookcase they were in awe. They couldn’t get over how stunning the piece turned out. Our crew could tell by the look on everyone’s face that it was restored and looked like new condition again. Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing is the antique furniture restoration specialists.


We did this furniture refinishing in Seattle for a local university department

Pet Friendly Fabrics for Reupholstery

One of the most asked question at our showroom is how to choose a fabric that is kid and/or pet friendly. At Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing, we provide our customers with different options that are available for different fabric lines. We have a great selection of fabrics available for reupholstery in Bellevue and Seattle. The top three main options that are kid and/or pet friendly which include Crypton, Nanotex, and Fabric Guard.

Fabric Options for Chair and Sofa Repair, or Reupholstery:

  • Crypton Home Fabrics are resistant to stains and odors, but is a soft and durable fabric. Customers can choose from an array of textures and colors with Crypton Home Fabric’s. The fabric is stain and spill resistant, and is easy to clean. The fabrics stay fresh due to the built in odor resistance. The fabric is processed in the United States and is a pet and kid friendly fabric.
  • Nanotex is a stain and spill resistant. The Nanotex Fabric is Eco-friendly and comes with an odor neutralizer. The fabric provides the cool comfort, as it balances body temperatures by wicking away at any moisture. To have the Nanotex finish applied will require an additional 3-4 weeks lead time.
  • Fabric Guardis a finish that our production facility would apply for an additional fee. Fabric Guard is a stain protector coating that replaced Scotchgard (an old solution), which was banned by the EPA in 2002. This finish is applied once your project is complete, so it can be applied on areas that wear easily such as the seating area and the arm area.

This fabric is great for any seattle reupholstery projectIf you would like the Nanotex or Fabric Guard process added to your project, you don’t have to worry about these processes changing the look, feel, or texture of your fabric. These applications will protect the fabric while adding life and keeping your fabrics safe and attractive for many, many years.

Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing provides professional upholstery, reupholstery, and chair refinishing in Bellevue and Seattle. In addition to upholstery, we can perform furniture repair or refinishing for any pieces before they are reupholstered. Our customers can select any of these fabrics that are kid and pet friendly, and when your upholstery project is completed you will have beautiful furniture without having to worry about stains from rough play or naughty pets. Call today to discuss these options in further detail, we’d be happy to answer all your questions.

Replication of Stolen Drawer

Our finished furniture replication project - Queen Anne Upholstery

Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing was contacted by a woman who needed a complicated furniture repair in Seattle, and who was going through a huge ordeal because one of her dresser drawers was stolen. The woman had went out of town and her neighbor had been keeping watch over the house while she was on vacation. When she got back from her vacation her neighbor told her that multiple pieces were stolen. The drawer that had contained all the woman’s jewelry was taken. The woman called us to try to replicate what was missing.

Before completing this seatle furniture repair


The Antique Furniture Restoration in Seattle Required Skill and Care

We let the woman know that we are the furniture refinishing experts and Tom, our artesian would do everything that he could to replicate the drawer. It took a great deal of craftsmanship and artistry to come up with a drawer to match what existed, but Tom came up with a design without any pictures of what the drawer looked like originally. Tom did some drawings to show the customer what the drawer would look like, and the customer was highly impressed that he could do this type of work without even seeing the drawer. The drawer was completed and it was identical to the drawer that was stolen. It is now a museum quality piece that the customer was very happy with. The customer was very impressed with the furniture replication. We were also able to help her with some of the insurance claims, so she wouldn’t have to worry about the payment to us.

Another angle of this furniture refinishing and repair during the process

Although, the woman had been disappointed and distraught over the jewelry and damages to her home while she was on vacation, it turned out that we were able to improve the quality of some of her furniture with our furniture repair and antique furniture restoration capabilities. The customer thanked Tom and the entire staff for doing such a fantastic job in a quick amount of time. She also told us that most of her family members collect antique pieces and are always looking for the best repair and  furniture refinishing in

Seattle. She would definitely tell them all about our wonderful skills and craftsmanship, because Queen Anne Upholstery and Refinishing went that extra mile to make sure that they provided the pieces that I needed and wanted.One more view of the completed antique furniture restoration - looks great! - Queen Anne

New Pillows Make for Excellent Upholstery Project

A woman in Seattle wanted to revitalize her breakfast area by having some custom throw pillows made. One of her friends told her about the custom pillows that Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing created for her, so the woman contacted us, then came in to talk with us. The woman took some pictures of her breakfast area, so we could get an idea on what she was wanting done, and it didn’t take long for us to impress her. She went ahead with the Seattle upholstery project.

Seattle Upholstered Pillows by queen anne

Another shot of our awesome Seattle upholstery workThe Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing team showed the woman some of the work that we have done for our previous customers, which impressed the lady very much. Our knowledgeable staff showed her different custom fabrics and the lady fell in love with one. We measured the size of pillows that she wanted and when we had the pillows done for her we gave her a call and she immediately came to see the final product. The custom fabrics on the pillows are a top-notch material and the overall fi
nished pillows really added to the décor. The customer couldn’t be happier with her custom throw pillows that we created for her. The customer said that Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing in Seattle were the upholstery experts, because we exceeded her expectations and the custom throw pillows was exactly what she was wanting to revitalize her breakfast area. Queen Anne Upholstery & Refinishing provides quality upholstery Seattle homeowners would be proud to have in their homes.

Queen Anne made this Seattle Upholstery customer happy
Another Successful Queen Anne Seattle Upholstery project